CARDS dreams about and envisions that all Communities become integral part of Indian Society in every single respect both in letter and spirit and that all people belonging to all Communities become indistinguishable from other citizens by law, status, place, position residence or any other consideration whatever.

(i) To create educational opportunities to the rural and the suburban youth in the society in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

(ii) To develop human resources for propagation of knowledge and development of social skills.

(iii) To encourage and promote literary and culture heritage of the region


It is the avowed MISSION of CARDS to strive towards liberation of youth from every single vestige and form of discrimination and oppression both in law and in real practice and to strive towards ensuring that the youth every-where legitimately receive and enjoy the same rights, and privileges as other.

1) To produce skilled manpower into sufficient number to meet the needs of the country and also on international level.

2) To ensure the highest quality of the output of under graduates in disciplined manner, useful for the growth of the Country.

3) To become an exemplary pharmacy education center equipped by “R&D” facilities with strong interactive and best linkage with Industry - National and International levels.