College Committes 2019-20
Academic Research & Development Committee_2019-20
Antidiscrimination Commitee 2019-20
Anti-Ragging Cell 2019-20
Exam Cell-2019-20
Gender senstivity cell 2019-20
Placement Cell_2019-20
Preventation of sexual harrasment cell_2019-20
Student Disciplinary Committee-2019-20
Women Empowerment Cell-2

College Committes 2018-19
Academic Research Cell 2018-19
Antidiscrimination Commitee_2018-19
Gender senstivity cell-2018-2019
Pacement Cell_2018-19
Penality for Ragging
Preventation of sexual harrasment cell-2018-19
Student Disciplinary Commitee-2018-19
Women Empowerment Cell 2018-19